JiveJunkie is a partner dance, simple and easy to learn, fun and sociable
Be the envy of friends when they see you dancing at a party, wedding or in a pub or club
We dance to almost any type of music, Chart sounds, Soul, Rock & Roll, Blues and Country & Western
All you need is a pair of dance shoes or smooth leather soled shoes and join in the fun. We are a friendly bunch, meet new friends and socialise at the same time.

For further information please contact Hazel & Patrick on :- 07938 782352



What is Jive Junkie?We teach a style of dance called Modern Jive.
It’s not Jive as seen on TV. It’s a fusion of the simple bits from other dance styles
Think a mix of ballroom, salsa, a dash of tango, rock and blues.
The classnight takes the form of a couple of short simple classes and then when the lights are dimmed
there’s the opportunity to ask and be asked to dance!!!

Dancing Helps You Stay Young !
Scientists have proven that dancing is the best form of exercise for any age.
If your GP has suggested that you lose weight and/or exercise to relieve stress and anxiety – then you have found the place!

Dancing fits the bill nicely !

Every Tuesday night at the Rainworth Village Hall, Kirklington Road, Rainworth, NG21 0JY
It has it’s own car park, a licensed bar, clean facilities and an impressive sound set up.

One of the nicest venues around and has an excellent
sprung dance floor, great sound system and wonderful atmosphere.
There is also a very nice bar………

Tuesday nights doors open at 7.45pm

Contact Hazel & Patrick on :- 07938 782352
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Email: dance@jivejunkie.co.uk

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Here’s some small print:
JiveJunkie is also known as Modern Jive as the basis of a cool and easy to do partner dance.
If you like to dance with your partner in a pub or club, JiveJunkie shows you how to smooth those moves into something which will make you the envy of your friends.
Classes every Tuesday at 8pm only £8.00 which includes lessons followed by dancing to most types of music, especially the ones that get your feet tapping.

Rainworth Village Hall is one of the nicest venues around with an excellent wooden sprung dance floor,  bar, great sound system and unique atmosphere.

PS: There is a nice bar
Jive Junkie is for all those who like music and dance. We blend moves from Salsa, Blues and Lindyhop. If you watch Strictly Come Dancing, you will see moves from Waltz, Foxtrot, American Smooth, Samba, Bachata, Quickstep.